Monday, September 24, 2012

Classic Glasses

Recently, while looking for a decent feature in memory of Cari Zalloni (1937-2012), we stumbled across this appealing book by Neil Handly, entitled Cult Eyewear (Merrell, 2011) which was published at the end of last year. After having a quick first look, it really seems to give proper and encompassing insights into the history, inventions and styles of the world's top eyewear brands. Of course, this includes Cazal, Carrera, Polaroid or Ray Ban, too. "With so many styles and labels available, the choice is as much about making a fashion statement as gaining perfect vision." Word up!

Neil Handley. Cult Eyewear. The World's Enduring Classics. London/New York: Marrell.
US $49.95, Hardback, 192 pages, 550 colour illustrations, ISBN: 978-1-8589-4509-5.