Friday, March 25, 2022

Recap: Forty-Five Grooves USA Tour (Part 2)

(...) In addition to his Midwest swing, SCARCE ONE also had a chance to return to some of his favorite places on the East Coast. Starting off in Philly, he had the pleasure to play the official re-opening night of the city's legendary Trestle Inn - your #1 whiskey and Go-Go bar. Together, he and no other than fellow Butta Brother Skeme Richards held it down for a night full of raw funk and soul 45's from the get-go. It was amazing to see the Trestle back at full capacity and going strong!

When it was time for the closing weekend of his Forty-Five Grooves USA Tour, another double-hitter was waiting. First up, SCARCE took the Amtrak all the way up to the Big Apple where homie Kamui had opened a dope spot called Studio 151 which combines fine drinks with top DJs and an outstanding selection of sushi, freshly prepared by the master chef himself. Throughout the entire night the vibe was magical. It's such a good feeling to see a diverse crowd of people appreciating your selection. Especially when going deep and taking them on a true journey. Everyone from the bar to the door and all the way to the dancefloor was shaking, nodding, bouncing and vibing - including Greg Caz who stopped by to show some love. Wow!

All good things have to come to an end, so the next day, after few hours of sleep and attending an expectable Knicks loss at the world's most famous arena, SCARCE was Queens-bound to catch an eagle up to Boston. Upon arriving in Cambridge, Soulelujah homie Raliegh Fingers had prepared the perfect welcome. After some tasty slices and beers it was time to head off to the venue, get set and drop the needle on the first record of the night. Well, those who know The Sinclair and Soulelujah know that this combination never disappoints. Shouts to the lovely crowd that kept the dancefloor full the whole night. What better way to end a tour than seeing from old friends and fam like Johnny Stevens or John Funke again. Thank you all so much!

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Recap: Forty-Five Grooves USA Tour (Part 1)

With 2022 already in full swing, things finally start opening up again in Germany as clubs, bars and other cultural venues are ready to kick-off another post-lockdown season. Before diving in new RIDDIM & GROOVE adventures, this offers the right opportunity to recap Scarce One's Forty-Five Grooves USA Tour that took him through the US in the closings months of last year.

Starting with the amazing Crates Record Show in Richmond, VA, Scarce teamed up with fellow Butta brother Skeme Richards and went for an extended dig. The whole event took place at Triple Crossing Brewery where people from the entire Mid-Antlantic region and even from parts of the Midwest gathered to enjoy music, beer and freshly-baked pretzels. As part of the rotation Scarce was able to spin a few records alongside resident diggers and like-minded vinyl aficionados. Big shouts to Funk Trunk Records for throwing such a dope event and Brewerytown Beats from Philly for showing the love.

Next up was a long-overdue return to Nashville, TN, where Scarce made his debut at Funk Night, courtesy of Andrew Muller - the amazing musician behind top-notch outlets such as The Gripsweats, AJ & The Jiggawatts or Money Mouse Records. In addtion to a great night rocking the legendary 5 Spot, including performances by two local funk bands, Scarce and Andrew did some heavy-lifting as it was time to move studio equipment to a new house the next day with the help of Nick DeVan and other band members.

Concluding his trip to the Midwest, Scarce also returned to Michigan, where he played Grand Rapids Soul Club for the second time. Braving the elements - the whole Midwest was hit by a severe snowstorm - he made it to the venue in time where Dreas, Mike and two huge Chicago-style pizza pies were waiting. What a dope night it was thanks to the excellent selection by the GRSC crew, Dreas' amazing hospitality (and insane record collection) as well as the open and dancy crowd. be continued.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

45 Day 2021

What's up world! 

Happy 45 Day to all you music lovers, record collectors, dancers and DJs out there! Although we appreciate vinyl records of all shapes and forms, today we celebrate the iconic 7'' format that has brought us so many unforgettable tunes, great stories and memorable nights. To commemorate this occasion adequately, we have put together a special mix that not only fuses riddims with grooves from all sorts of genres we dig - funk and soul, disco, rock, cumbia and reggae - but at the same time pays tribute to the second greatest tool to recording, storing and sharing the love of music: the cassette tape. Shouts go out to Chriztoz from the 45 Day collective for establishing this day and Cologne's own, Defcon (Disco Diamant) for the link-up. We are delighted to be part of such an illustrious rotation of dope DJs from around the globe!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Funk Night Nashville Guest Mix by Scarce One

A couple of weeks ago, Scarce One had the chance of recording a guest mix for exclusive series hosted by the good people of Funk Night Nashville. Give it a listen and enjoy your day!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Soul Sisters, Rude Gals and Disco Divas (2020)

After their highly successful guest mix "ALL CUSTOMS CLEARED" on Soul Cool Records, the deadly RIDDIM & GROOVE duo is back with another full-length concept feature. Handpicked for BlackFriction's and Thelonious Mark's DELICIOUS FREQUENCIES show, Scarce One and Selecta M take you on a ride through their treasure troves. This time they dedicate their passion and love for vinyl to female artists from the realm of funk, reggae and other rare grooves. "SOUL SISTERS, RUDE GALS AND DISCO DIVAS" pays musical tribute to greats like Lyn Collins, Dawn Penn and Su Kramer. Ranging from common to obscure, from mellow to furious, from seductive to provocative, this powerful installment is definitely too tough for Mr. Big Stuff. We salute all women and hope you enjoy the show!
Mix on Soundcloud

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Quarantine mix fix

After already a couple of weeks into this quarantine, we want to provide you with a little update on what went down when things still seemed normal. Back in late February, we had the pleasure of returning to Gebäude 9 for another RIDDIM & GROOVE night following a sold-out concert. And as you can see, Selecta M was in full-control mode and just hit the right spot. The weekend before, it was carnival time here in Cologne with the usual all-wild, all-crazy, all-over-town festivities. Luckily, we got the right hook-up and first played an amazing party at the famous Hallmackenreuther together with our friends and fam. Thanks to our brother Eugene Rockwell and all the people from Sundays Like This for setting up this night! After a couple of hourse we got a ride and went all the way to Ehrenfeld where our friends of Zugvögel festival and Kulturraum 405 threw a five-day event spanning all sorts of music and culture for your alternative gathering. We took care of the dark and dusty floor in the basement and played a nice late night set before it was time to for some much-needed sleep. Finally, there is also some news on the mix side of things. Our regular DEEP IN WAX series is back with another installment over on Mixcloud. This time, with a live mix that we recorded a couple of months ago at The Grid Bar here in Cologne. Have fun and take care!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

RIDDIM & GROOVE at Gebäude 9

We are happy to announce our first RIDDIM & GROOVE night at Cologne's own Gebäude 9, one of the city's best know and longest-standing venues with that certain grit and grind you just love to have. In two weeks time, Selecta M and Scarce One will get your Friday night mix fix right and drop the needle on a heavy selection of Funk, Soul, Reggae, Ska, Cumbia and much much more. So come over and get down with the get down! Doors open at 11 pm, no cover.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Happy New Year!

After a couple of easy days to start off the decade, we are back in business and ready to roll again. But before we kick off the twenties with some great news and projects, we would like to thank all of you for a very inspiring and successful 2019. Without the support of the many bookers, promoters, fellow DJs, diggers, party people, friends and family we would have not been able to rock so many dancefloors and turntables throughout the year. We wish you all and happy and healthy new year and hope you can keep it moving the way you want to.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Protect Ya Neck (Recap)


Last weekend, SCARCE ONE made a long overdue return to London, where the local homies of the one and only LA FAMILIA CREW threw their first PROTECT YA NECK event at Jackson's Lane Arts Centre.

After a quick and easy five-hour train ride via Brussels, Scarce, Kenny and AG went straight from St. Pancras International Station to Highgate in the Northern area of the city. The venue really was the perfect spot as it combined a historic feel with the right community center grass roots vibe completely detached from the stage shows of big money events.

Together with fellow doubles-cutting vinyl heads SKAMROK & DEK1, repping TBB, and (LFC), Scarce held it down during circles and battles alike. Well, it was a lot of fun, with many familar faces in the place, but also some dope new people to connect to.

Thank you so much, Chris, Dek and the rest of the crew. Looking forward to having you over for the next IfPR getdown.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


After some days have gone by and we all have been able to recuperate a bit, it is now time to recap another highly successful BUTTA 45's Germany Tour. For the 2019 edition of our annual funk and soul extravagenza we had chosen the overarching theme of "bikesploitation", meaning we curated extra special visuals dealing with odd trailers for motorcycle films plus throwing in rare Moto Guzzi and Monark commercials in the mix. Soundwise, the full repertoire of the Butta Bros Skeme Richards (Nostalgia King) and the two RIDDIM & GROOVE residents, Selecta M and Scarce One, was on display as we traveled the country with heavy bags stashed with heat on forty-five rpm.

Already the first night at one of the most fun places to play at, Retronom im Erfurt, was a big kick-off with a crazy crowd in a hip-shakin frenzy until the early morning hours. For the first tour weekend we continued with Weimar at C. Keller and Berlin at Bar Tausend, two amazing nights with lots of dancing, vibing and drinking. It is a beautiful when you can reach out to different audiences and play venues with distinct styles and concepts. This is what each BUTTA 45's tour is about: turning back time and making people dance while at the same time providing a certain vibe, a certain connection.

The second week already started off with our first official Wednesday's party at KFZ Marburg. Again, this was another very special moment with an slightly older crowd than usual, but man, they did dig the groove and completely coalesced into the sound. The next day we were off to Stuttgart where we played at Icecafé Adria, one of the cities premier spots, where homie and fellow funk connoisseur Sebastian Heitzmann takes care of the proper program. Then it was time to go back home and join Eugene Rockwell for a night at Bumann & SOHN in Köln, which proved to be another sureshot. And well, for the final night of this ninth tour we drove all across the country to Leipzig, a city that still has that raw and creative feel despite ongoing gentrification pressures. And what a night it was! The good people of IG Funk & Soul and ZweiTakte went ALL in as a bikeshop turned backyard club was the scene where it was going down with an incredible group of people enjoying only the rawest funk on 45 that we had packed. Amazing!

Thanks a again to each and everyone involved for swinging thru and supporting what we do. See you again next year, when BUTTA 45's returns for the official 10th anniversary tour. Brrrrmmmm!