Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rockers Delight

This Saturday, Scarce One and the Intruders Crew will head up north, all the way to Braunschweig, for many years now home of the legendary Battle of the Year. It is time for the first edition of Rockers Delight, a jam designed for those who are interested in Rock Dance and its ramifications with related 70's and 80's street and club culture. Together with DJ Back-Q, Scarce One will rock park jam cuts, club joints and breaks for your delight. Expect some raw energy and an international crowd as dancers from Russia and Poland have announced their visit. Finally, one of the contemporary European pioneers of this dance, Wary the Warrior (Kossassins) from France will be in the house burning you with steps and jerks. Let's rock, don't stop!

Facebook: Rockers Delight @ JZ Mühle, Braunschweig