Thursday, September 13, 2018

Funkee Pungee Vol. 1

Last year, when Mario and Andi, some old friends from Siegen, Germany, approached Scarce One with the idea of throwing another funk and soul party in their town, he immediately replied "yeah, definitely, I'm down. Siegen funk parties have alsways been outstanding, so let's do it!". Out of this initial conversation the FUNKY PUNGEE was born. After its more than successfull pre-release featuring Scarce, Webster and Sebastian Heitzmann (Get Down!/Schlampazius, Stuttgart) it is now time for the official volume 1. This time, the legendary Florian Keller (Funk Related, München) joins the rotation, making sure that deep grooves, raw funk and gritty soul keeps turning all night long. See you all tomorrow at Vortex, Siegen! More information can be retrieved online.