Friday, June 23, 2017

Dubs & Downs

Hailing from Köln, Germany, Switchstance Records has been releasing quality independent music with a deep-rooted organic groove for more than fifteen years now. While constantly crossing convential genre boundaries, Switchstance simultaneously maintains a sound that pays true tribute to the many originators of Afrobeat, Reggae and the like.

On "Dubs & Downs", the newest EP release by KABANJAK, one half of the Ancient Astronauts DJ duo, the in-house multi-instrumentalist and creative wizzard drops the bomb with a heavy and unmistakably straight approach to classic Dub music. Featuring seven tracks and largely instrumental in nature, "Dubs & Downs" carefully draws inspiration from genre greats such as Lee "Scratch" Perry or King Tubby. However, despite some well-placed melodica references à la Augustus Pablo, KABANJAK sets his very own tone by masterfully incorporating horn sections and panpipes. Exhibiting an outstanding feel for both moment and mood, "Dubs & Downs" is just the right breeze to cool you down on a hot summer evening and getting soaked up by a deep, yet refreshing sound tapestry.

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