Thursday, June 15, 2017

Scarce One @ SOULed Out and Philadelphia Impressions

The final trip of Scarce One's Forty-Five Grooves USA Tour 2017 took him to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA. Being the home town of his fellow Butta 45's slinger, Nostalgia King Skeme Richards, everything was set for great time to come. After hitting two of cities best record shops, Milkcrate Café, which also features a nice coffee and breakfast spot upstairs, and Brewerytown Beats, an equally great spot that also puts out dope records as a label, it was definitely time for the first brew and an amazingly fresh and tasty sandwich. Talking records, movies and nostalgic culture was the theme of the day while hanging and enjoying the beautiful weather. Then it was off to the venue of the night, the outstanting Trestle Inn, a unique Whiskey and Go-Go Bar whose owners and staff have a great taste in music, drinks and design. While Skeme and Scarce were rocking the decks, the dance floor was going crazy. Before heading back to Boston, the local Punk Rock Flea Market was on the list and offered just the right dose of sunny digging through vintage memorabilia and paraphernalia. Thank you, Philly, for your hospitality and best imaginable finish of this year's tour!