Sunday, November 11, 2018

All Butta

Three weeks ago, the 2018 Butta 45's Germany/Switzerland Tour came to an end and now, after some time has passed, it feels right to write up a little recap. One thing that stands out is definitely the combination of go-to places like St. Gallen in Switzerland or Mojo Club in Hamburg, which always give us a warm welcome, with great new spots that we are always on the lookout for to discover, like Retronom in Erfurt or Frühauf in Leipzig. Being on the road together for two consecutive weekends and almost ten days, the annual tour is always an intense, inspiring and adventurous time. Yet, whether it is about hitting record shops, meeting new people, visiting sights and old towns, getting hipped on local tastes and treats or, plain and simple, doing what we are supposed to do, which is rocking parties: the BUTTA 45 experience never disappoints. Huge thanks go out to all the people who constantly support us and give us a chance to travel to their cities to bring that butta vibe to packed dancefloors!