Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Grid Train

You know that over here on RiDDiM & GROOVE we like to travel. Whether it is across countries, musical genres or back into time, we're not only on it, but love to take you with us on nostalgic yet futuristic journeys. While some People prefer to fly, others would always go for their own car and take a drive. For us, however, train rides stand out in particular. If done in proper fashion, they offer comfort, scenic views and, of course, excellent drinks on board. Tonight, chief conductor SCARCE ONE is gonna take on such a train ride together with his fellow engineer MAZE of Köln's outstanding Santa Sangre parlor. Departure and arrival of this musical roundtrip is THE GRID BAR, the city's finest platform for premium Liquor, mixed with the same precision and passion like the grooves behind the wheels. Come by and join the fun...choo choo!