Tuesday, May 4, 2021

45 Day 2021

What's up world! 

Happy 45 Day to all you music lovers, record collectors, dancers and DJs out there! Although we appreciate vinyl records of all shapes and forms, today we celebrate the iconic 7'' format that has brought us so many unforgettable tunes, great stories and memorable nights. To commemorate this occasion adequately, we have put together a special mix that not only fuses riddims with grooves from all sorts of genres we dig - funk and soul, disco, rock, cumbia and reggae - but at the same time pays tribute to the second greatest tool to recording, storing and sharing the love of music: the cassette tape. Shouts go out to Chriztoz from the 45 Day collective for establishing this day and Cologne's own, Defcon (Disco Diamant) for the link-up. We are delighted to be part of such an illustrious rotation of dope DJs from around the globe!